Sunday, September 2, 2012

rodeo time

Food truck that is.  megan, mike, and i headed down to the first chapel hill food truck rodeo on thursday. oh yes, we've had them for a while in carrboro and durham but the CH is now realizing where the fun is: a parking lot with a dozen trucks...filled with food. 

megan and i rocked out with baguettaboutit and mike stuck with his fav, klausie's.
all winners. i think the strategy really needs to be going in with another person and hit up a bunch of trucks and share...if you can really handle parting with half of your sausage stuff baguette...your choice.



  1. Lol. That line is crazy. Where was this?

  2. seriously, such a popular event. it was over on weaver dairy, across from the timberlyne shopping center