Wednesday, August 8, 2012

yes, a third post indeed

about giant bananagrams.  It's just so awesome, it deserves it.  But this time it's for the giant banana. You know, because you need a giant banana to hold the giant bananagrams. 

And apparently there is no template for a giant banana? Ridiculous.  I made do.  I picked up a yard and a quarter of (banana) yellow fleece. 

Then I folded it in half length-wise and trimmed off the corners like so:

I sewed up those edges and then sewed two lines, one on each side so as to create a seam on the outside, and the look of a ridged banana:

Then I added a zipper:

And sewed up the rest of the top:

Giant banana:

Giant banana filled with bananagrams:


now we are ready. (though it does need a strap...)