Thursday, August 16, 2012

shark week

Well, for starters, it's shark week, so it's only appropriate to have a related post.
Now, to be fair, this item was crafted a long time ago, but for some reason is just now getting posted (perhaps because I was waiting for shark week, but that's really unlikely)

Anyway, Jonathan requested a toiletries bag.  aka a pouch. 
You should know by now that is basically all ashley and i ever make, so it worked out well.

I went to the fabric store to get some especially ridiculous fabric. I was really hoping for some superhero but there was none to be had. Jonathan voted sharks over spaceships so I got to work. 

Plastic,  I just used the same material I had leftover from the sandwich pouches, obvi.

What else?
Oh a zipper, thread, machine, and cutting mat; rotary cutter if you have it 
(i'm currently obsessed with mine)

What to do:
So, to get started cut two pieces of fabric, two pieces of interfacing, and one piece of plastic to the same size. The fabric should be an extra 1/4 inch-wide around. 

Cut to whatever size you would like your pouch to be.  I was making a small one so I think I did 10x12. You will need about an inch on either side of the zipper.

Apply interfacing to wrong side of fabric (follow your directions)

Then, line up your pieces so you have the fabric side on bottom (with right-side up), followed by the plastic, and then topped with the other fabric piece facing the wrong-side up.

Then sew up the two long sides together and flip rightside out:

Next pin the zipper in and sew:

Flip inside out again and sew up the sides, and then the other side of the zipper into the last open side:

I had to finish the last inch of the zipper by hand since it was so thick with the double fabric and plastic


ready to be on the go!