Thursday, August 9, 2012

pillow talk

So, last crafting from the day-before-exam-craft day: pillow time.  I had made one a while ago, and then made this one to match.  It's inspired from a design sponge post on reverse appliqué and the current trend of chevron. 

I used the same teal fabric that matches the other pillow (below) and a dark navy to match a couple other pillows in the living room.

I pinned the two pieces together and used the fold lines to stich diagonals:

Then, I switched directions for the next panel, and so forth:

I then cut out every other strip to reveal the navy underneath:

I trimmed the edge and sewed (inside out) to another piece of the teal.  

Stuffed and sewed up the bottom! Next to the other one that I screen printed:

How did they turn out? Well just ask Jonathan. He says (and I quote): "They do a good job of providing a cushion for the head. They are neither too firm nor too pliant, providing an adquate amount of support for either napping or watching television."

Yeah, we're ridiculous.