Thursday, August 30, 2012

in case you missed it

ashley has a tumblr about biking, because you know, she won one, because she is that cool. 
So this means bikes are a much bigger part of my life... no she still hasn't taught me how to ride one, but that would make for a hilarious photo series, please no video. 

But yes, pretty bikes and general bike things are around me all the time now, so I take to noticing them more too.

Like this t-shirt: 

yeah, pretty ridiculous. 

Or this actually confusing sign:

We live in a pretty bike friendly place, but maybe not this street so strange.

i hope i don't fall too much during this learning process, 
can't i just have training wheels like the good old days?



  1. By the way, we're going to teach you on Megan's bike. It's definitely easier than mine. Get ready, p-pants.

  2. ugh. this is going to be painful i think.