Saturday, January 21, 2012

triple word for the win

I saw these scrabble coasters, on pinterest of course. I made them for my sister for Christmas, since we have spent many heated nights playing the game. 

Don't tell her but they were super easy to make. 
You just need scrabble tiles, modge podge, and cork board.
I of course always have a hearty supply of modge podge, so no worries there, as for the cork, I found some of the thick stuff on sale at staples and went to target for the scrabble game.  I'm still not sure what to do with the board now though...

So what do you do? Well you lay the tiles out on the cork, modge podge them down and then modge podge the tops with about four coats for a good seal.  
(The original source above as a step by step tutorial)

The only difficult part about this project is getting as many words as you can on a coaster. 

Casi says she has yet to find them all, but I have faith in her. Family favorite qat of course made the list as well as other Casi favorites. I wonder if she has figured out what the blanks are yet...

ps. they are resting on the amazing pantone book Ashbash got me for Christmas!