Saturday, January 28, 2012

so many pouches, of course

So Ashley has a sandwich pouch. You know, a reusable sandwich wrapper.  So we had to craft some up for the rest of us.  How do you do it?

Well you need a piece of fabric and a piece of liner.  The fabric can be anything, but should be cut to about a 12-14 inch square.  The liner should be plastic, but the thinner the better.  Remember this will keep all those good sandwich juices in the wrap, and make for easy cleanup.  Oh, also cut it to the same sized square as your fabric.

I went with red seersucker and a ladybug plastic.  Because it's so cute. Take your two pieces of fabric and fold it in half twice so you have a smaller square and then cut off the corner, just a couple of inches so that when you unfold it, it looks like this:

Check plus.  Now pin it up, right-side out.  Take it to the machine and sew it up all around, like so:

Then grab those pinking shears and trim it up:

Oh yeah and then when that is all said and done sew some velcro on - one piece on the inside and one on the outside, across from each other.  

And now you are ready to throw a sandwich in there and wrap it up!

Yeah, Shira got the pink one and Casey got the dinosaurs, obvi.