Saturday, May 11, 2013

spring sprung

Spring made an appearance for a good chunk of march and april and we took full advantage soaking up the sun after the chills of winter:

Ashley had me over for cocktail hour, but really the point was to use the awesome texas cutting board

we hit up big boss for their monthly tour and the grilled cheese food truck

There was some gouge wrestling of course

Ashley made us ice cream sandwiches (with homemade ice cream!)

Casey came into town and we went bowling, because we love a double date

This adorable mural popped up

Cookout fancy shakes were had -- Jonathan tried to tell me you couldn't mix flavors, but no no, I asked the nice man at the window who told me I could mix as many things as I wanted! Ashley heard they'll put whatever you bring them in a milkshake for you...

Picnics in the park
Mini golf - my fav! 

And of course: the sonic

I hope you've gotten to enjoy some lovely spring weather!


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