Thursday, May 16, 2013

a trip to the beach, before the rain

We actually had the loveliest weather for most of April.  It was warm and sunny, but sometimes chilly.  It's now May and the weather has been less than wonderful - cold and rainy or just some good old hot southern thunderstorms.  Lame.

But before this nasty weather turned, we had a lovely weekend escape to the NC beaches.  A couple of our friends were running the half marathon (!) so we met up to get them pumped up and celebrate post their awesome finish.

One of the things I like about North Carolina is that we can live in the South and drive three hours to be at the beach.  A good combination of the things I love.

So we went to Kitty Hawk and saw the sights, soaked up the sun, and ate our way through town (shocker, I know).  My favorites:

The Wright Memorial, beautiful 

Duck Donuts, where they hand dip your donuts when you order them (absolutely frigging delicious)

The beach house and deck facing the ocean

Seafood delight from the market

The beach, a little chilly in the water but perfect on the sand


On the drive back we stopped at Weeping Radish Brewery, the oldest microbrewery in NC!

We also saw this sign for a town called Momeyer, who knew Lorraine had her own town?!

Finally, we had Chinese for dinner at Red Lotus back in town (which is always great) and Jonathan got this ridiculous fortune. Seriously, he doesn't need this kind of encouragement.

I hope you make it to the beach soon! 


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