Tuesday, May 7, 2013

since you've missed me

I know what you are really lacking are some pictures of spoon, so here you go, in full ridiculousness. 

I think four is the max before I turn into one of those ladies...
but don't worry, there are of course, more for later.

Spoon thinks that sitting on my computer is a great idea:
But sometimes maybe not, he's clearly more needed taking up half of Jonathan's desk:

Oh, what's that? Spoon's belly.  It's true, it's a little too big apparently so he's on a diet!
And spoiler alert - not happy about it! 
Here we see Spoon inside the empty food bag, scrounging for any remaining pieces before dinner time:
Poor Spoon.  But really, he's surviving, I promise.

Also, that's Spoon's new food - Chicken Soup for a Cat Lover's Soul (the low-fat variety).  There was a lot of angst recently over his food, because his old brand got recalled! It was a pain and a waste, especially for Ashley who lost two bags to it when they did a second recall! You can read about that here and here fyi. But so far so good with the new brand. 

I hope your cats and dogs are keeping cute!