Thursday, January 31, 2013

the very last of the season

yes. i was terrible. 
i was one of those people.  

to be fair, i took down almost all of the christmas decorations at a very reasonable date in early january.

but i left up the wreath, garland, and stockings, because they were just so cute, and well, it was going to look so sad with nothing up, and i had yet to finish my valentine's day garland (post to come soon).

so i finally took it all down january 28th. ashley gave me until friday, but it's all gone now. 
not a speck of holiday cheer is left in the house.


except for the candy canes. there are still candy canes in the candy dish.
but they are in valentine's colors so it's okay!

but anyway, since all the christmas cheer has left the house i thought it a good time to post the advent calendar i made for the boy that was well documented in the tumblr but got no love over here.

So, the recap:

goodbye christmas, see you in a few months!


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