Saturday, January 12, 2013

some asu pride...for him

Last fall Jonathan was so sweet to drive with me all the way to Arkansas one weekend to visit my grandparents when my papa was sick, don't worry, he is all well now. 

But really, 30 hours of driving in four days! 
Don't worry, I know I've won with this boy.  

But anywho, I wanted to make him something as a thank you, so I decided to make him an ASU scarf because: he likes a scarf, he loves ASU, and he knows that me making ASU paraphernalia is quite a sacrifice given my deep pride in USC.

Of course, my initial speed on the scarf got sidetracked by work (ridiculous!) and then Christmas presents.  But I finally finished it over Christmas, just three months after I started! 

So, here is what I did: 

I wanted a thick scarf but when I was yarn shopping there was no large gauge maroon! Can you believe? So I doubled up and used two strands of yarn to get the bulk I was looking for.

4 balls of lions brand burgundy, US 9 
(I used all of two and just a little of the second two)
2 balls of lions brand gold, US 8 
(I probably used about a third of the two balls)
2 US 13 needles

As I said I worked with two balls at a time so I just joined the two ends from each ball and knitted as if it were one strand. 

Cast on 30 stitches
Knit rows 1 and 2
For rows 3 and on: knit 3, purl 3, 
bringing the yarn to the front/back when alternating between knit and purl. 

I wanted to do stripes of maroon and gold so I did a chunk of maroon and then switched to gold and then back again as I saw fit. 

The end product:

An ASU thick and cozy scarf:

The things I do. Fight On!


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