Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a bicycle: how we got to this point

I think it is fairly well known that I do not know how to ride a bike.

Some may be shocked by such a concept, but people like me are more common than you would think.
There are a variety of reasons that lead to such a state of being, for example: 
1. your big sister decided they didn't want to learn and you wanted to be like them
2. When you had that cute pink bike with a white basket and streamers and training wheels, you lived on a hill and there was little biking opportunity
3. Like the hill, you were in a city and there was little chance to ride a bike

So you see, that's how I got to be 25 and not know how to ride a bike.  I have been able to live my life up until this point perfectly fine in such a state, biking was never a reasonable or popular means of transportation and I coped with the truth that I would never completely understand the true meaning of the phrase "it's just like riding a bike"

But now I live in a place where biking is so very popular and it is a frequent means of transportation for some of my nearest and dearest.  I thought I wanted to learn, but that's kind of a crazy idea, right? I'm much taller than your average six year old, thus further from the ground for the falls that take place when learning how to ride such a device, and I am a severely risk-averse person.

Little did I know Jonathan had set out to get me a bike for me for this very purpose. 

He found one. 
And it's very adorable. 
It's a cruiser, which means I peddle backwards to break and there are no gears to complicate the matter.

But to take a step back, he got me a bike which, while amazing is also terrifying because it means I now have to learn how to ride a bike. 
See reasons above for why this is a crazy idea. 
But apparently he is confident this will not be an issue.

Uh huh. We'll see. 

Step one: sit on the bike.
(me on my bike right after I got it)

And yes, in addition to being adorable because it is a cruiser, it is also called a Savannah cruise, how appropriate!

So now what? Now I learn. 

Stay tuned.



  1. It's cute! (And post videos, too!)

  2. Yeah, there might be a couple floating around that will be up soon!