Tuesday, December 6, 2011

where oh where...is the fair?

So, I am way behind in posting this post.  It's from my trip to Arkansassy.
it is about our trip to the State Fair. Yes state fairs are over by late-October...

In the past three years I have gone to three different state's fairs.  
It's always nice to do a bit of sampling and comparison of these things.
So what did Arkansas, my home away from home, have to offer?

Well clearly, what kind of fair would it be if there wasn't a plethora of fried food:
Unfortunately due to the excessive amounts of margaritas and mexican food, Jake and I were too full (shocking I know) to sample any. Weak sauce I know.

We did check out the animals:
Here are some cows... they are really big, like kind of scary large

Here are some pigs! I love pigs! 
This one was just chilling outside of his cage, you know, no reason to fence the piggy in...

Oh, and then we went inside to the craft building 
because I love crafts, but also because it was cold

Here were two prize winning cakes, look at that girl scout! Represent! 

And the burger, very impressive

And then there were the giant pumpkins! 
Though, even with my great love of this gourd, these ones weren't so pretty.

So many canned things. It basically looks like one of the closets at Mema's

Last but not least, Jake and I had to ride a ride, right?
So we chose the ferris wheel.  There were actually two, we obvi choose the bigger one.

Our view, so pretty!

Overall, it was a solid fair experience, even with the lack of fried food consumption, 
but my heart will thank me for that.


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