Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Superior Cut

There is nothing like day drinking to celebrate the last day of teaching for the semester.  
And that's just what I did after class finished.  
I met up with the boys at R&R for an extra-refreshing beverage and some lunch.

It may be in the back of the BofA building, 
but once you get inside it's a chill place with good service and tasty food.  

I of course had a G&T.  For the food I had the pesto chicken sandwich with mozz on a brioche bun. I love when I can get brioche, it feels like I've found a quarter on the ground or something just as randomly pleasing.  

Oh, and the best part about R&R? 
Their fries.  
They are steak fries, obvi the best cut. Absolutely delicious. 

After our last final, the girls and I headed over here again from more drinks and more fries.  
Still the best.