Saturday, December 3, 2011

birthday #24

Last week it was my birthday. Yes only number 24. 

I was home in LA for the Thanksgiving holiday so I got to spend the time with my friends and family. It was fabulous and of course, filled with food. 

Mom and I spent the day together eating and shopping (two things we do quite well surprise surprise)

(Mom loves taking pictures of her daughters with topiaries, ridiculous)

We went to Mi Piace for lunch, one of my favorite Californian/Italian restaurants before hitting up the stores in Old Town Pasadena.

We had the calamari to start. So delicious.

Then I had the Rigatoni con Salsiccia which was also fabulous - rigatoni with sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, and broccoli. There was one baby penne, adorable. 

For my 'cake' we stopped by dots cupcakes and picked up some minis!

We tried the fleur de sel chocolate, chocolate and vanilla, double chocolate, dulce de leche, sweet potato, and heath bar. All so good but the fleur de sel was our favorite. 
Don't worry, we didn't eat them all at once!

That night, I met up with my besties and headed over to Bottega Louie.
An absolutely amazing, yet affordable restaurant in DTLA.

We had french fries and bruschetta to start. 
Then I had the short ribs over polenta, which melts in your mouth.

For dessert we shared the grand macaroon and tiramisu.

Then we headed to the parlour room to meet up with more friends for an easy night out.

Overall it was an absolutely delightful day! 
Thanks to everyone who wished me well and made me smile.


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