Friday, December 23, 2011

peace and crafting

The semester finished and Ashbash and I rewarded ourselves with a trip to the HobLob.  Hobby Lobby is my favorite craft store.  It is superior for a variety of reason but it really offers a great selection with amazing deals every week.  Who doesn't love a sale on scrapbook paper and glass containers?!  If one is near you, I highly encourage you to discover it. It will change your life. Promise.

Now a trip to the HobLob also means a trip to the Sonic.  Both of these establishments are a bit away from us in CH, making them a true reward. 
We went early in the day so we had breakfast at the Sonic (and yes it's the sonic; just ask Jake)

We had some breakfast sandwiches with some drinks, I had a peach tea, and Ashley a vanilla coke.  And of course: tots. 

Now tater tots are like the frosting to a Sonic cake.  Yeah, just go with it. They have all these amazing drink combos and comfort food and you get tater tots! While eating our tots we ended up discussing the superiority of the tot, Ashley referred to it as Totology or  Totlogistics.  Things we should have studied in school. 

And in case you doubted the awesomeness of the Sonic Jonathan had us ask the ever important question: can you get a route 44 of coffee? The answer: "yeah, you can do anything. We've had stranger requests, like a route 44 of ice cream!" Seriously people, no competition. 

But back to crafting... After that important stop complete, we headed to hobby lobby for some exploring and shopping.  While gathering some solid crafting supplies we were able to appreciate some items we would not be purchasing...

Like these Santa hats

And this giant wreath, it's almost bigger than Ashley

Or these inspired Christmas trees

But of course, the best part about hobby lobby is finding those items that remind us of our childhood, like this awesome ribbon clip:

All in all it was a fabulous reward for a semester done that left us full and ready to craft.


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