Friday, December 23, 2011

i wish i majored in crafting...

..."it's called folklore". So Ashley says at least. 
Such discussions are had while deep in the crafting.  Lisa and Ashley came over and we got to work, each on some random small projects.  

Lisa worked on knitting a hat in Carolina blue of course.  

Ashley first made these adorable magnets from old bottle caps that had rock paper scissors on the inside! Adorable. 

Meanwhile, Ashley had wrapped my Christmas present with my name on top! so cute. I turned it into a pin. You never know when you're going to need a nametag...

Then I made some more pins.  The rosette pins are super easy.  I followed this tutorial and they turned out awesomely. I made a few and turned some into pins and put others on a headband.  

I also made these dahlia inspired pins.  It's a much smaller version of this (full tutorial here).  Mine are only about three inches in diameter. I used a hot pink and regular pink felt. I cut the petals and put my hot glue gun to work to first crimp the petals and then attach them around a one inch circle of felt.  I topped it off with a mini pink button (after consulting the ladies of course). 

Meanwhile, Ashley was hard at work on another, more seasonly-festive project.  She had seen these faux snow globes here and of course wanted to make some.  Since then we've seen them all over pinterest and she found them at anthropologie: 

But these were on sale for $38! Ridiculous.

Good thing Ashley keeps a heavy stock of glass jars at her house.  We picked up the small trees at hobby lobby and she found the fake snow at target (hoblob was all sold out).

She first made the ornament version for Casey's mom, so frigging adorable:

Then she set out on the jars.  The problem was the old drink bottle, the slender hole appeared to be a problem for the tree. But no worry, Ashley is a crafty version of MacGyver and created a toothpick contraption to get the tree in safe and sound:

So impressive:

Go be crafty!