Thursday, September 15, 2011

around town

What have I been eating around town you ask? Or didn't... But really let's go over the basics:

Biscuits. You know I love these. When I was robbed for the second time (yes), Ashbash took me to Neal's for breakfast.  I of course got the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit.  It was quite yummy.  How does it compare to Sunrise? Well, they are quite different actually.
The insides: Though the egg is better at Sunrise, the bacon is much superior at Neal's, so point for Neal's
The biscuit: Sunrise offers a lardy-buttery flakey, fluffy goodness that fills you up all day long, while Neal's biscuit is like a more typical homemade one, just butter, so not as fluffy, but you don't feel like you are about to bust an artery after eating it and still delic.
Verdict: Neal's wins for an everyday kind of biscuit, while Sunrise remains an occasional reward after a long night...

Speaking of long nights...Oh yeah. After a solid night, the ladies and I have started a bit of routine of recouping at Breadman's. We go all out as you can see.  It's your typical diner experience but the food is better than your typical diner and still cheap.
 Did I mention it's walking distance to my new place? (you know, because of the second break-in)...


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