Thursday, June 14, 2012

maybe one of the bests

I found this recipe for Huevos Motulenos. It looked amazing, but a little on the tedious side.  But I was recently presented with the chance to try out an inspiration of it, due to some leftover empanada filling.

What I'm calling the plate of delicious starts by pan frying a tortila.  Then, in the same pan (no cleaning required) pan fry a sliced banana in some butter and a teaspoon of brown sugar, about 2 minutes per side.

With those steps done you can start assembling: On a plate, place the tortilla, and the banana slices like so.  Then spread some refried black beans on the tortilla:

Back to your frying pan (still uncleaned): I reheated my emanada filling which consisted of: soyrizo, sweet potatoes, corn, jalapenos, and some appropriate seasoning.  Once heated you can sprinkle this throughout the plate, and throw some cheese over those beans while you're around:

Finally, use that same dirty frying pan to fry up a beautiful egg and top it off: 

I'm being quite honest and free of exaggeration when I say this is absolutely one of the best things I've every made.  The perfect bite of course consists of a little bit of everything, like so:

So get cooking team!