Thursday, June 28, 2012

food lately: happening now

I know I've been bad. Blame work and studying mostly. And helping the boy move. And going home to cali for a few days. Hmm, and speaking of traveling, I'm off to Savannah for the weekend so expect some goodness after that.

But in the meantime, I've been eating:

Fried eggs & toast

Nutella popsicles (nutella + milk)

Goat-cheddar cheese pasta with mushrooms & greens

watermelon beer (really delicious, just an after taste)

jerk black bean burgers

oh, and maybe a lot of caffeine, thanks evan.
these things don't study themselves, though i really wish they did...

also, currently listening to these cool fools. all of them, not just ho hey, though it's a winner too.

oh and you are need of a little bit of ridiculousness, read this (vital people, vital). 

stay out of trouble, and the heat this weekend. 

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