Friday, November 4, 2011

Rant/Rave: ice ice baby

There is always a trend. For everything. Cocktails are no exception. And apparently the current trend is...


Yeah, this has already hit the big cities but NC is right in the midst of it. You may recall the Lewis bag post regarding a tool to awesome crushed ice. We are great fans of it. 

So upon a recent outing to a bar in Raleigh, I was happy to see at the top of the menu, a guide to both glasses and ice for your chosen cocktail.  Adorable. 

But no matter your glass, you should remember that crushed ice is always best.  
What? You think that's ridiculous to have a favorite form of ice? Nonsense. 

Think about your love for Sonic. I know you love Sonic. And why? Well one of the main reasons is the delicious delicious drinks you get there. Drinks filled with amazing crushed ice.
This crushed ice ensures that your trip to the drive-in will produce pleasuring results.

Yup, it may sound ridiculous, but wait until the next time your slushing around your crushed ice and take note of all that enjoyment.  

Clearly, the superior form.