Tuesday, November 22, 2011

box cox-ing it at fox

So Jonathan took me here a while back and it was good time, as mentioned before, Fox Liquor Bar does good things with ice. 

We went back last weekend with Ashbash and Casey. So much goodness, so many types of ice and glass:

Casey had the Negroni with the giant ice cube:

Jonathan had the Greenpoint, no ice:

Ashley had the Champ, which tasted like a caramel apple pop, but not too sweet. 
And look at all that crushed ice!

Also note Ashley's lovely nails. 

Top shot of the ice

And I, shockingly, got a drink without gin, the Queen's Park Swizzle:

It was awesome, similar to a mojito.  

It was a good time of course, filled with economics, due to the high concentration of economists.