Tuesday, September 10, 2013

to new adventures: tour de fat

So the biggest thing that happened this summer was Tour de Fat

If you are unfamiliar, Tour de Fat is an epic event hosted by New Belgium in a few cities across America every summer. It's like a carnival with beer and games and lots of bike love.

The focus of the event is presenting the city with their bike trader.  A bike trader is a badass individual who gives up their car (donated to charity) in exchange for a new bike with the commitment to live car-free for a year.

Sound familiar now? Ashley was the Durham trader last year and has been chronicling her adventures here

And this year, Jonathan took the leap and said goodbye to the echo and hello to a jamis.  His blog (yes he's blogging!) is here

So in June, New Belgium came to Durham and we celebrated the bike! 

Even Chloe made the trip:

The day's events: 

The crowd:

The stage:

Jonathan being presented:

Jonathan post presentation: 

A jumbo game of connect-four:

And just general hanging out:

A couple of days after the event Jonathan went and picked out his mate -- a brand new jamis from the great team at oak city cycling:
(this was his test ride - he of course, always wears a helmet!) 

Thanks New Belgium for this incredible adventure! 


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