Sunday, September 8, 2013

a walk in the park

I was terrible this summer with blogging. really terrible. things were quite busy and haven't really calmed down, but it's time to be better. 

A lot of fun things did occur along with the work, including a trip to dc to see our favorite duo casey & ashley. 
We walked around the city, sampled a lot of bars, ate some great food (including tacos!) and biked to a micro-brewery. 

And yes, biking in DC is ten-times better than NC -- there are no hills.

The main event was exploring the Theodore Roosevelt Island, which was a great walk around through some un-manicured trails to a peaceful (and shaded) memorial in the center.

Obviously, Chloe had a blast:

As did the rest of us.

The big man on campus if you will:

It's a great escape to nature and from the traditional DC stops if you are looking for something new.