Sunday, October 6, 2013

nc craft beer tour: what we are doing & stop one

Jonathan and I have decided to do something a little crazy: visit all of the craft breweries in NC.

Whoa indeed people.  I don't know when we decided this was a good idea, or how we would get it all done, but we did. And so now, a new journey has begun.

Step one was deciding what was a craft brewery.  There are varying reports, definitions, and lists.  After some serious research and review we settled on a list of 97 establishments in the state.

That's right 97 craft breweries in 31 counties. 
Curious who made the cut? Explore our list here

We have previously visited nine of these places before we started this little project, but we decided that we would revisit those guys along the way. 

So our first stop was in Asheville, on the way to Arkansas in June. 

We went to the Asheville Brewing Company, which was one of the places we had gone to previously, so it seemed like a good place to start. 

It was delicious, again and a nice way to begin the tour. 

More updates to come.


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