Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pumpkin season

I'm sure it's not a shocker to anyone, but Fall is my favorite season, 
so long as it's filled with pumpkins and scarves.

It's also the optimal decorating season.  Summer offers little interior inspiration that doesn't seem overly tied to celebrating the Fourth of July, and all of my spring decorations are Easter related. Winter offers fall some steep competition, since Christmas lights come into play, but fall pulls out ahead, with its soft natural colors, varied textures, and of course, gourds galore! 

So, what was in store for the forum in October? 

Some pumpkins of course, mini ones on the mantel and table:

My fall wreath with pinecones, pumpkins, and leaves:

Some metallic pumpkins also on the mantel, and some fall garland with felt, fabric, and burlap bunting and bows:

And a coffee table placement of more metallic gourds and a crocheted leaf pot holder (from Mema of course):

I'm still hoping to add some more garland in the dining room, and some felted pinecones and fabric pumpkins around. 

And, Megan and I will be carving some pumpkins that are sure to add some flair to the front steps!