Monday, October 8, 2012

food lately

life post core exam - pre field exam is a little strange as i try to find balance between work and study and life. so the food is also strange. especially with all the funky weather. the south has a problem where it can never decide what weather to have, let alone, stick to the same type two days in a row.


really good trail mix from some coffee shop -- dried apples, oats, chocolate covered coffee beans, peanuts, and some other unidentifiables. 

oh, cheesecake topped brownies. yeah i did that. sorry arteries. 

fried pickles and peppers. again sorry arteries.

milk and pb apple toast, just like the good-old-elementary school days.

green bean pasta bake, because the csa was a little crazy with the green beans.

french toast at ashley's.

tea party at ashley's, because we are old ladies, and proud of it.

and the biggest cinnamon bun from bread and butter, because it was a tuesday.



  1. I think that's the trail mix from that place in Raleigh on Hillsborough!

  2. it is! and they are closed now. so inappropriate.

  3. What!?!?! The Global Cup? And Jack Sprat now as well. I'll have no place left to go.

  4. there are better options, i promise.