Sunday, October 7, 2012

a quilt, perhaps

well I got this semi-crazy idea last fall to make a quilt for ashley after a discussion on the modern quilt.  

yeah, an actual crazy idea.

the prospect of a holiday present turned into a birthday (february) present. and then into a belated birthday present.  I think it was may when i finally finished.

so. yes. a subway tile-ish quilt. I cut all the 'squares' to 6.5 x 9.5. It was a hodpodge of grays  pinks, and yellows, with some of her postcards printed onto white fabric. 

I then played around (a lot) with layout and worked in strips, sewing the pieces together as so:

and then connecting them with smaller strips of grey, and staggering:

that was the hard part. then i pinned it to a grey sheet, with a blanket in between. oh and yeah, this is an easy quilt, not some actual fancy thing. 

I sewed it up most of the way and trimmed the edges before flipping it right-side out and finishing the edge. 


yeah, it's a little crooked on one side, get over it.

not bad for a first easy-quilt-attempt.