Thursday, May 31, 2012

food lately: well, i love a fried egg

They aren't in every meal, but a lot of them. they make everything better.
What I've been cooking (with and without fried eggs):

Polenta with tofu sausage, roasted tomatoes and garlic, and fried eggs

Black beans and salsa with a fried egg, on a tortilla

Soy-rizo & corn, and black bean & sweet potato empanadas

angel hair with tomatoes and tofu sausage 

Egg and black bean quesadilla (scrambled not fried!)

fried egg and tomato sandwich

Cheese and tomato sandwich with Trader Joes root veggie chips

Bahn mi sandwiches and greens at Ashley & Shira's

and finally, spaghetti with a fried egg, of course

I think I know what I want for dinner...