Thursday, May 24, 2012

and then nyc

after a quick weekend at the beach it was off to nyc to see Casi and Sus graduate with their masters from Columbia with lots of family around. 

The first night in town we headed over to il bambino for many delicious crostini and the best flourless chocolate cake of my life.  I'm not kidding. I've had my fair share of flourless chocolate cake and this is by far the most spectacular. If ever around astoria, you must try it. 

The next day we headed over to a couple museums, including of course, the NHM, because I love the dinosaurs.

After graduation there was another great lunch at gobo. Again, many small dishes, a favorite style of my family. There was this avocado tartar with a lime chili sauce that we devoured: 

And finally, graduation dinner with all the fambam was at Alta. Although there were many delicious meals throughout the trip, there is no question, this was the best. Because there were so many of us we were able to get almost everything on the menu.  My favorites: fried goat cheese with lavender honey, crispy brussel sprouts with apple, and the shrimp & chorizo skewers.  These mini creme brulees weren't too shabby either: 

so much good food. how will i ever recover?
I forgot to mention the basics that were also consumed of bagels, scallion pancakes, and italian food. 


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