Monday, June 9, 2014

food lately: lately probably doesn't apply anymore

Really food that has been made in 2014.  But we don't need to dwell on that. Here you go, ideas for all seasons: 

Kale pesto pasta

 Fresh tomato & garlic pasta (from Franny's)

Eggplant pizza with Franny's crust

Tuna cake open faced sandwich

 Fried PB&J with Milk, because snow storm 

Baked eggs & greens with yogurt sauce from Plenty 
Seriously, this is my current favorite cookbook, a must get! 
Especially if you are looking for delicious vegetable recipes (that are also vegetarian) 

Sweet potato cakes also from Plenty. So delicious. 

 Vegetable enchiladas 

Greens & Beans with butter beans, roasted beets & turnips (and garlic bread)

Lettuce wrap BLTEs 

So yes, pretty much everything under the sun.  But all good.