Thursday, January 2, 2014

crafty cocktails?

Ashley and I assumed that when we moved in together we would have crafternoon after crafternoon. Sadly, the first few months have been a busy time with lots of travel for the both of us, so we have been under our craft quota. But we were able to have a few, including an afternoon making earrings, and drinking a few cocktails too.

We started with Bloody Mary's made with Tabasco mix plus original tabasco, tabasco spicy worcestershire sauce, and celery. Delicious.
Then we started crafting, making some earrings. 
You just need some clay, craft paint, super glue, and earrings from the jewelry making section of the store plus the odds and ends of a knife and paint brushes 
It's pretty straightforward actually.  Just take some clay and shape it into your desired shape, then bake following the package directions 
 Then painted them as you like; we used craft acrylic paint and gold leaf.  
And we moved on to cocktail #2: Summertime? Madness
 After the paint dried, we used super glue to attach the earring backs.  We also tried a hot glue gun and liquid cement, but good old fashioned super glue worked the best
(plus a bead for a necklace on the right)
 I also put some gold leaf on one of the pumpkins because, why not??

The earrings are a great afternoon project - straightforward with lots of down time.  Ashley and I often make the mistake of taking on more than we can accomplish in an afternoon.  We are just too darn excited to craft when we finally get to! 

On a side note, we also recently had a sewing adventure night where we tackled a lot of odds and ends.  Though I don't have any pictures from the night, we made/repaired/redid 2 pillows, 2 skirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 2 dog travel beds. amazing!