Sunday, July 8, 2012

butter butter...lamb

We have a problem. By we, I really mean ashley, but I'm knee deep in it too. 
What's the problem? Butter lambs.  

What's a butter lamb you say, well a traditional butter lamb is a lamb sculpted from butter, as seen here, from Easter (made by Casey), or listen here for a full appreciation of the love of a butter lamb.

So really, what's the big deal? Well the deal is that Ashley saw a dog that looked exactly like this butter lamb and then another one! And now all we talk about is a butter lamb in any incarnation.

So when in Savannah I saw this tombstone:

I nearly fainted, though that may have been from the heat...

But really, do you see it? It's there, a butter lamb on top of a tombstone! 
How incredible and ridiculous in a wonderful way.

I'm sure there will be more butter lambing to come so get excited.


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