Wednesday, April 11, 2012

an end to the brackets.

Ok. So I'm sure y'all saw the big news, 
that cornbread lost to beignets in the finals!!! So ridiculous, I know. 

Oh wait. The basketball bracket. 
Oh yes, that ended too. With UK winning, and I'm so happy they did. 
Why? Oh because it meant I finished in 3rd of our bracket group. boom diggity.

But also, we had a party to watch some of the great basketball since UNC and NC State were playing on the same night. It was a great time with lots of booze and food and fun. 

 Ashley did her hair all fancy with two braids in the back:

Casey sculpted a wolf in sheep's clothing (a wolf out of sheep's milk cheese) to represent his inner turmoil of being an NC State grad working at UNC...adorable.


And then everyone else brought snacks, 
the real reason we come together to watch other people run around. 


There were many more that I missed. 
A solid time team,


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